Sunday, October 19, 2008

Halloween Party

This weekend we went to a Halloween party at Aaron's sister Heather's house and I can honestly say that is was a party to remember (I'll explain in a bit). In the invitation it told us to dress in our silliest dress so we thought it would be funny to dress up inside out. We turned all our clothes inside out and then put everything on in reverse - shirt, tank top, bra, etc. (well, I put my sports bra on since there were children present and I'm just not that crazy!) Chloe looked pretty cute with her diaper on inside out and on the outside of her outfit.

So, when we got to the party Bob answered the door wearing a wig, muumuu, lipstick and a lovely shade of red toenail polish. This was a sight that we never thought we would see nor do we ever want to see it again. Chloe didn't know what to think about Grandpa looking that way and she wouldn't let him hold her until he changed later on in the evening. Aaron's sister Robin made a comment about Heather's little girl Ashley being scarred for life by seeing her grandpa in lipstick, to which Aaron replied, "Ashley? What about me being scarred for life?" It was pretty funny.

Dinner was good except for the fact that there were rats in the beans, fingers in the fruit salad and eyeballs in the pasta. Heather thought of it all...great job!

After dinner we all carved pumpkins and Travis even carved a mini pumpkin for Chloe (Aaron would have done it, but he was busy...ummm...fixing mine). Barbara Ann's pumpkin got sick and needed some Pepto-Bismol (hers is the pumpkin on the bottom left).

Thanks to Heather for throwing a great party and inviting us all! Here are some other pictures from the evening.

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Tawna said...

Okay, the rats in the beans look DISGUSTING. I don't know if I could have eaten anything out of that bowl or not. I went to a party where we drank "day old bath water," which was pretty good. These parties are fun. Minus the rats. Gross gross.