Thursday, September 25, 2008

Big Girl

So, Chloe is finally becoming a big girl...well, at least she thinks she is! Here are a few reasons why:

She absolutely hates laying down while she is awake and all she wants to do is stand up. She knows how to get us to help her up by looking for our hands, reaching out for them and then pulling herself up. It kills us how smart she is. If she can't see one hand you can see her trying to look all around and behind us trying to find it.

She recently outgrew her baby bathtub and now gets all of her baths in the kitchen sink. When we rinse her off, she loves to play with the stream of water coming out of the faucet and she always tries so hard to grab the water. Aaron and I can't help but laugh!

She also loves to eat! If it is something she wants to eat, her mouth opens as wide as it will go. After one bite, before we can even get more food on the spoon, her mouth is wide open again. It reminds us of a baby bird. However, now that she has her first tooth (believe me, I know...ouch!) all she wants to do is eat "real" food. She loves to eat Cheerios, bread and whatever else we give her.

It is so fun to see how she is learning and growing and we can't wait to see what she'll do next...our guess is that crawling will be her next big milestone.

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Tawna said...

hehe, I love her. So stinkin' cute! love the big bird mouth. :)