Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Annual Check-ups

I took the girls in for their annual check-up last week and here is what we found

Height: 42.25 in.  6th percentile
Weight: 34 lbs  1st percentile
BMI: 13.46   5th percentile

Chloe has only gained a total of 3 pounds from last year and grew 3 inches.  She is small, but like I always say "it's better to be small and a girl, than small and a boy."  At age 6, Chloe loves all things art.  Give her anything relating to office supplies- crayons, notepads, markers, paint, stickers, etc- she is in heaven.  Chloe is doing excellent in school and she has tons of friends that she has made.  I love going to pick her up from school hand having all her friends tell her bye and see you tomorrow.  It is just too cute.  Chloe is also a great big sister. Abby and her play so good together and they are just the best of friends (well, most of the time).

Height:v 37.9in  67th percentile
Weight: 28.8 lbs   27th percentile
BMI:  14.13   6th percentile

Abby is our crazy child.  She loves to run around and has yet to master her inside voice.  Abby also loves to sing and dance.  However, in order to dance, she must be in her dress-up clothes. A princess only dances in dresses- not jeans and a t-shirt.  She has some good moves on her as well!  Sometimes, Abby and I will have our conversations in song because singing is much more fun than just talking =).  Abby also has lots of friends and loves to play with everyone.  It doesn't matter how young or old the child is- she will play great with them.

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Tawna said...

I love both of these girls and their darling and wonderful personalities. They are both so much fun and so loving and just a blast and joy to be around all the time! I loooooooooove them. (Did you catch onto that yet?)