Wednesday, June 5, 2013

On the Trail

Every Memorial day weekend, we take a trip to Moab with the Searles, Cummings, and McKinlays. The guys usually go on a long trail in the mornings and then we all go on a family ride in the evenings.  This year  was no different, however what was different were the trails we take. In the past, we have taken gentle rides with the kids or on trails without any major obstacles. However, as we all get more confident in our Jeepin' skills, the family rides are now on the trails that in the past we called the 'hard trials'.

Going on the harder trails makes it more fun for the adults and the kids love getting tossed around in their seats so its a win-win!  This was Abby's first year that she could vocalize her fears and it was sweet listening to Chloe comfort her in the back seat by telling her how fun it is and that its not scary.

  It is pretty amazing to think about what these Jeeps can do. I mean, who in their right mind would see a rock wall that is five feet tall and think "lets drive up and down that"! It is an experience that everyone needs to experience one in their life.  It also never ceases to amaze me how our kids can fall asleep on one of these trails. We are literally getting tossed around and pulled forwards and backwards constantly, but sure enough, one of the girls will fall asleep.

 Even though I finally remembered to take two cameras with us, Aaron forgot to take one with him so we don't have very many cool shots of the Jeep from this year. These are some shots of our family ride while we stopped for a snack.

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