Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Abby's One Year Stats

We had Abby's one year doctor check-up last week and here are her stats:

Weight: 17.2lbs 2.4%tile
Length: 28 in 15.9%tile
Head Circumference 18.25in 82.8%tile
Teeth: 2
Words: Mama, Dada, More
Walking: yes

Here is a video of Abby with some of her first steps. She cruses all over now.


Tawna said...

ahhhh...lovin' the cut of gasp-laugh in the background, Dev. haha. I also love that is is so small in every category except her head. hahaha. A smarty. :) Such a cute one. Let's...Skype...soon. Go cruiser Abs!

Tawna said...

Um *off, and *she I type too fast and get ahead of myself. Deal. ;)