Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Chloe's Boyfriend

Chloe has herself a little boyfriend! Whenever we go outside, Chloe has to look down the street to see if her friend Bentley is out because she wants to play with him. If we are on our way home from somewhere, she always says, "Mom, when we get home lets see if Bentley is outside so we can play." It's so cute, and the best part is that they play so well - and nicely - together. My favorite thing is when we are ready to go home, Bentley always has to walk Chloe home...yep his parents are teaching him well. =)


Tawna said...

hahaha. Yikes Chloe! So young! These pics are also great. You watch those two! ;) How cute that he walks you guys home. Ah, love my Chloe and her cute lil' ruffle bum. ;)

Kim said...

So cute! I had no idea Bentley was such a ladies man! Thats pretty funny! :)

Michaela said...

So cute!! Looks like Chloe is going to be fun when she is a teenager! ;)