Sunday, November 7, 2010


The other day, Chloe and I were sitting on our bed when she asks me, "Mom, can I have some scriptures?" So how could I refuse? We went to Distribution Services that afternoon and Chloe got her very own scriptures. She was so excited about them and on the way home asked, "Can we read my scriptures when we get home?" What 2 1/2 year old asks things like that? I guess where doing something right!

And speaking of scriptures, you know how sometimes you can get sleepy while reading them...

No, Chloe didn't really fall asleep while reading the scriptures, but she did fall asleep on the stairs after getting home from her cousin's baptism yesterday. I guess if you're really tired you can fall asleep just about anywhere.


johann said...

That is really funny! We found that out today, too--Henry fell asleep on the floor during sacrament meeting for the first time ever. I have also started practicum this semester, which has been really exciting. I am currently working at Cherry Hill and Geneva Elemetaries. Anyhow, we hope you are all doing well, and we are anxiously awaiting the update on the arrival of Baby #2!!!

Jon and Kim said...

Too cute!