Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Halloween FHE Activities

For Family Home Evening last week, we decorated sugar cookies and then carved our pumpkins. We knew we wouldn't have enough time to do it all in one night, so Chloe and I did the cookies and then we waited for Dad to get home to carve the pumpkins.

Chloe's creative side came out while decorating the cookies. I would frost them and she would put on the toppings. Her favorite toppings were the mellow cream pumpkins and of course sprinkles.

We wanted Chloe to have a part in picking out what her pumpkin looked like so we got one of her Halloween books with pictures of jack-o-lanterns in it and let her pick her favorite. She chose a happy pumpkin.


Tawna said...

Oh my, that child is getting so big!!! Glad she wanted a 'glad' pumpkin. She's just such a happy girl!

Jon and Kim said...

What a cute idea to have her pick a face from her book. She is so cute and growing up fast!