Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Book Worm

It's recommended that parents to read to their children for 20 minutes daily. There are countless reasons why you should (which I will not go into) and being a teacher, I could always tell which children were read to/with often. So, ever since Chloe was a newborn I've read to her. Now, however, I have created a monster. Chloe loves books so much and we have to read them for at least an hour a day.

Since we read so much, Chloe has of course picked her favorite books and can tell me the titles of what book she wants. I was curious yesterday how many titles she knew so I started pulling books off the shelf and asked her to tell me the title. I stopped at 20! What a little smarty pants. Right now, some of her favorites are Pinkalicious, Pirates Don't Change Diapers and Naughty Little Monkeys.

Another funny thing that she likes to do with her books is sort them. She will sort them by size and by softback or hardback, the she makes a special pile for the "boring books." It makes a big mess, but I'm so glad she loves books.


Rochelle said...

She is so cute! And she is a smarty pants!

Tawna said...

Boring books? Boring books!! Whatever can you mean? There is no such thing! My humanities insides are hurting. Except that...well, there were some reeeeeally boring books we had to read in school.

She is a doll. Way to raise her right. :) Love her. Love you. Love books. Lots and lots and lots of em. ;)

Bryan, Stacie, Claire and Buddy said...

Claire loves Pinkalicious and Naughty Little Monkeys too. I agree kids need to read/be read to for 20 minutes at least every day. I could tell what parents did that too, and I taught Junior High. I've started reading to Mia and she is only 2 weeks old.

Paula said...

So darn cute.