Thursday, July 15, 2010

4th of July Weekend: Part 2

The theme this year for the fourth was "An All American Fourth". We ate a traditional American meal (fried chicken and potato salad), played some old fashioned games, and best of all enjoyed being with family.

Aaron's favorite game this year was human battle ship where we all layed down on the grass and then tossed water balloons over the net and tried to hit a battleship. Why does it not surprise me that Aaron was the one to get me out?

Here are some pictures of the pie eating contest. Doesn't it look yummy! They did an adult one and then a child one. Chloe decided to just dip her sucker in instead of getting all messy.

The water balloon toss.

They also made a huge flag using all the children's hand prints for the stars and stripes. It turned out super cute.

We ended the evening with fireworks and sparklers.

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Kari said...

LOVE the idea of the battleship game... sounds so fun!