Tuesday, May 25, 2010

What a Character

Chloe is such a little character. Not a day goes by where she doesn't say or do something that just cracks me up. Yesterday, she was going to go to the store with my mom and grandma and so my mom put her in the car and said that they were going to pick up great grandma. Chloe looked at my mom and said "we're going to drive when it is so close?" My grandma lives 2 doors down from my mom's house. Too smart!

Chloe has also discovered that she can move one of her chairs to wherever she wants to give her some height. Now she can reach all the light switches, her shoes and the top drawer of her dresser...which holds all her tights, socks, hats, etc. If I leave her alone for too long this is what I find.

She also LOVES to change her clothes. I think she wears at least 5 different outfits a day. She has been especially in love with all her new summer shorts that she recently got. Not that she is able to wear them outside with all the cold weather and snow we're getting as of late! She asks me if she can wear her shorts and I have to tell her it's too cold. She will then look out the window, see the sun and tell me "But it's nice out." Nice try! As you can see, her choice in outfits still needs some work.

I love this little girl and she brings such joy to our lives.


Scot and Jenny said...

She is too cute! Love the outfit in the last picture!

Tawna said...

hahaha, she is adorable! Get's her fashion sense from her mom...;). haha, that face! Ahhhh...I just can't stop smiling. So stinkin' adorably funny.