Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The Best Way To Wake Up

When you think about getting woken up by a baby in the morning what do you picture? Probably a crying baby, right? Well, I get to be woken up every morning by Chloe sweetly saying "Mommy," or sometimes "Daddy." It is such a pleasant way to wake up every morning. Then, when I go in to get her, she is just standing there quietly waiting for me to pick her up. After I do, she asks for her baby, blanket and pacifier--however, the other morning all she wanted was her "mumpkin." That girl just loves pumpkins.

This other picture is from Chloe the other night. She wanted to sleep in Mom and Dad's bed and since she wasn't feeling well, she got to...something we try to make a rare occurrence. It was just too sweet of a picture with her snuggling her baby not to post. She is getting so big, it is hard to believe.


Tawna said...

My lil' mumpkin is getting so big! ;) I miss her and you guys so much and can't wait to see you! Be sure that you are still showing her my pictures frequently so she won't forget me! :)

Tricia Taylor said...

Oh, man! That would be so awesome to have such a happy morning baby! I have two very happy evening kids which makes for very unhappy mornings.
It's good to see you guys even if it is by blog. Cloe is getting so big and CUTE!! Kiera still has her baby with name inspired by Cloe.