Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Happy Easter

This year we celebrated Easter on two days. On Saturday we went over to my mom's house for an egg hunt with Chloe's cousin Kadence. It was so fun to see how excited Chloe got when she found the candy. All she wanted to do was hold as many pieces in her hands as she possibly could. When I could convince her to put the candy in her basket so she could get more, she would put them in, pick up the new piece, and then promptly pick up all the rest of her candy.

Chloe also learned how to open up the candy. I turned away for a second and the next thing I know she has a chocolate bunny in her hand. This girl loves chocolate- she must be related to her mother!

After the egg hunt we went outside to play. Kadence has a toy mustang and Chloe had a ball watching Kadence drive it around. She kept chasing after it and laughing. We tried to put her in but she wanted nothing to do with it.

Saturday evening, Aaron's parents came over to see Chloe for Easter, but we were having so much fun that we forgot to take pictures. They gave Chloe some delicious suckers and it was her first taste of one. At first she tried to bite it but then she got the hang of it and loved it.

On Sunday we had our own egg hunt at home and Chloe did a much better job this time around. We had all the candy in plastic eggs so she didn't realize what was in them. Once she had put them all in her basket, I opened one up to show her and that was the end of the egg hunt. She tried to open up as many as she could and stuff the candy in her mouth.

We spent the rest of the day at my mom's house having dinner and playing games. It was a wonderful Easter and I am so glad to have my family close so that I can spend time with them. I am also so grateful for the true meaning of Easter and for Christ's resurrection.


Janelle Ehat said...

Chloe is SO beautiful!! So much fun! I love all of the "firsts" in raising kids! So much fun!

Chris and Molly Wambeke said...

I am glad that you guys had such a good Easter. Chloe looks so cute in her cute pink Easter dress!

J and M Lloyd, est. 2004 said...

Mmmm, chocolate. I knew that Chloe was a smart girl the moment I laid eyes on her. Okay, smart mommy too!

Kari said...

Cute cute cute Easter pictures!! They learn so quickly the whole "get candy, get candy, get candy" huh!

So when are you posting pics of your new place?? I can't wait to see it!

OK, and where is this new place in Springville? I actually tried googling your address to get an idea but it couldn't find it!

Hope you are enjoying your new home!!