Friday, November 28, 2008

Christmas on Thanksgiving

While my sisters and I were at BYU, we would always go to California for the holiday break to spend Christmas at home. Usually, there wasn't enough time to go home for Thanksgiving too, so we would always go to my Dad's house in Salt Lake for Thanksgiving.

This gave rise to the tradition in which we would go up to my Dad's house the night before Thanksgiving and decorate his Christmas tree, then on Thanksgiving day, we would celebrate Christmas by opening up our stockings and presents. That evening we would then have our traditional Thanksgiving feast and sometimes, if the timing was right, we would even celebrate my Dad's birthday, which is on the November 24.

Since Aaron and I have been married, the tradition has changed a bit as we now do everything on the day before Thanksgiving so we can better divide our time between my Dad, my Mom and Aaron's family, but it is nevertheless quite an event and kind of strange, but it works. So this year, we found ourselves once again at my Dad's house celebrating Christmas the night before Thanksgiving.

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